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The Center

Brick faced building of the Nyumburu cultural center, with decorative red brick pillars, wide communal area.
The front of the center
Nyumburu cultural center rear entrance with red, black, and gold bricks layered in a geometric pattern above the doors
The rear of the center
Mural of important figures
Mural inside the center
Reception area of the center looking towards the lobby, and office area divided by windows.
Reception area
outdoor cement steps flanked by red brick walls leading upward to a landing.
Rear steps
Glass case of artifacts of various sizes and shaped.
Artifacts in Art Gallery
Lobby area of beige walls with lectern draped in a flag of green, red, black, and white. a glass case and a tall wood-carved sculpture in the background
Lower Level Lobby
Lobby looking out towards the door, a tall traditional wood carved sculpture centers the image flanked by matching chairs
Lower Level Lobby
Three individuals site at a large conference table looking at the camera. computers, books and paperwork are next to each person. The space is cozy with warm light potted plants and wall art.
Conference room
Lobby area with wide cushioned couch, a small carved wooden table with a flower arrangement flanked by intricately carved wood chairs.
Front Lobby