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Mission Statement

The mission of the Nyumburu Cultural Center is to promote an understanding of and appreciation for African-American Culture in all of its richness and complexity. In carrying out its mission, the Nyumburu Cultural Center strives to improve the life for African-American students and students of the African Diaspora, both undergraduate and graduate; to foster greater involvement of these students in campus programs and initiatives; to instill in these students an informed consciousness of their African-American, Caribbean, and African heritages; and to improve retention and graduation rates of these students. In the various events and activities, it sponsors, the Center also acknowledges, recognizes and solicits contributions of other heritages. Such efforts to cross boundaries and to intersect with other campus circles make the Nyumburu Cultural Center an excellent place for cultural exchange, intersectionality, and collaborations which enables the University of Maryland to make greater strides in achieving genuine cultural pluralism.

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